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Stories With Grandma Awo Yaa

This story is called " Always greet each passer-by". 

In Odumeta, a peaceful village in the Eastern region of Ghana, a few members of the local community were being terrorized by a bear in a nearby path.

Child: "Grandma, why do Ghanaians always greet each other when they walk past. Even if they are strangers?"

Grandmother Awo Yaa: "Any foreigner who walks that path without greeting or acknowledging the indigenous people fell victim to the "sisire' (bear) . When you greet the local community (as you walk past), they will show you another route to escape the beast."

We invite you to share your interpretation of the moral of this story in the comments below.

*Grandmother Awo Yaa, is the late, beloved grandmother of Francis Addo Tettey, Woven Worldwide's Artisan manager in Ghana. We thought this was a beautiful story to share as Ghana's tourism has grown in recent years and these questions often resurface.*

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