We can honestly admit that our team was occupied, or let's say momentarily distracted last week. The journey to scale our small business comes with its own share of ebbs and flows - I'm sure every business owner would agree. It can be hard to remove yourself from the thick of the everyday tasks associated with running a business and remain still and be present in a moment that only requires tranquility- madness seems easier. Sometimes the journey to scale and good ol' FOMO arrests our attention and sometimes distracts us from what is really important - are we making enough impact? Are we happy with our work?
Yes, impact can be quantified with metrics but what intangible impact does each artisan experience when he/she weaves with WW? How has the artisan's skill set improved since joining the WW family? How does Albert feel Weaving With Us ?

There are days that our team is "occupied" by Instagram and searching home décor hashtags and of course absorbing all of the juicy content on Pinterest. Then there are days we are "occupied" by our drive to apply for this funding, answer that email, get ready for that meeting, check in on our lovely intern, or review another email from Shopify about "the best apps for 2022".

Last week, there was a moment when we looked up from our phones and noticed that Albert was looking at us, waiting. He just needed us to be present and in-tune with him as he slow-crafts this grand round baskets for our client in Vancouver. Although he has been single-weaving for over 20 years, he has not weaved a round basket of this size and wanted our approval as the basket's foundation builds. His connection to his work, his art and authentic craft, forces us to pay attention to the intangible.

Comment below if you can relate.

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