About Us


Viola Labi

Hello there!
I’m Viola and thank you for visiting the site- it means a lot to me. Woven was born from a personal journey to Ghana. I witnessed my own reunification to elements of my rich Ghanaian culture through Shea butter production, textile creation and basketry at the diligent hands of skilled female Artisans. Despite language barriers and unfamiliar grounds, I felt centered and at home. As I spent more time with women, I found myself being stitched together in areas I didn’t know needed mending; areas like self-identity and purpose. Looking back, I guess you can say we weaved symbolic exchanges of knowledge and cultural practices and this inspired me to create Woven. Although our assortment of products are literally woven, the company name speaks to a higher purpose of coming together as Humanity.

Why We Do It.

Our goal is to weave domestic and global private labels together. This aim is an attempt to widen retail potential and increase wholesale profits for our Artisans partners. We felt the urgent need to opine on these matters as this global disconnect from Fashion's dominant culture is what hinders effective growth and inclusion.
Anti-Black perceptions have seeped into dominant culture and have created equity gaps that are present in the global fashion space today. We push back against singular perceptions of Africa that focus on famine and crisis. Although these stories are valid, they have become the models of the African story. This is not a holistic truth of Africa as a continent. We are here to share a new narrative of the richness we see and experience in Ghana.

Who We Are.

With 10+ years of invaluable experience in major North American and European fashion companies, our team is comprised of individuals with cosmopolitan experiences, global networks and a heart for Africa's trajectory. You may see us during New York Fashion Week in one moment then negotiating raw materials in Bolgatanga the next. We are culturally plural. We hold reverence to Fashion's interaction with humanity; asserting that it permits people, irrespective of their cultural and social affiliations to unite.

What We Do.

Woven’s approach is multidisciplinary. We use design as a tool to amplify the work of skilled Artisans by partnering to create eco-credential, handmade products.
Please see our Services page to read more in detail.