Woven Worldwide is a home décor company dedicated to producing high-quality, eco-credential handcrafted baskets.


handcrafted woven basket made by artisans in Ghana.

Elephant grass is the bone of our company. We are inspired by this organic material that can be formed into functional product in artistic ways. We especially appreciate the calming honey hue of each reed that lends a hint of nature and serenity to just about any room for a pleasant decorative effect.

woven cowry shell baskets

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We love weaving relationships with businesses and want you to feel joy when selling your products.

  • We Care

    We know how important your business is to you and it is both our vision and mission to craft products for your clients in line with your brand story.

  • Responsible Sourcing

    We craft and design your high-quality baskets in partnership with intergenerational artisans in Ghana. We believe in durable items that will last for years - not only physically but aesthetically.

  • Worldwide Shipping

    We provide traceable, worldwide express shipping on all products. Delivery time will be communicated when we receive acknowledgment of your order.

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Woven Basket Bundles

Woven Basket Bundles

Looking to create the perfect storage set, but don’t know where to... 

woven watermelon storage basket with a woven african fan

We offer a curated selection , so buyers are not overwhelmed by choice. Our small-batch selections are updated frequently and produced by intergenerational artisans.

Viola Labi-FOUNDER