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Ayeko Cowry shell storage basket

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This woven storage basket helps to make any room more personal. Great for storing tea bags or brown sugar packets in your kitchen. 

  • Not spill-proof and will leak if you store liquid contents in it. Do not place liquid in the basket.
  • Hand crafted with elephant grass.
  • Made in Ghana by esteemed Artisans.
  • Worldwide Delivery. 

Materials & Care

  • Elephant grass - an organic material with authentic reed colour variations which are affected by where and when the plant is harvested.
  • Cowry shells. 
  • Spot clean using minimal water. Dab using an undyed cloth to prevent the colours from bleeding. To preserve the natural colors, do not place in direct sunlight.


  • We are committed to developing our production in the most agro-friendly ways possible. We partner with farmers that harvest elephant grass from living sources that can be regenerated at the same rate as they are used.

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