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Asanka Cowry™

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During visits to Bolgatanga, Ghana, we were inspired by the angular-like structure of the mud-clad homes in some of the communities we visited. Rural spaces have often been overlooked as spaces of beauty, peace, and tranquility, especially if modern amenities are not present. 

*The Asanka, an earthenware dish, (from the Akan ethnic community from the Ashanti region) is a traditional Ghanaian grinding pot that is usually made out of clay with ridges and is commonly referred to as a traditional blender.

The Asanka Cowry was a unique collaboration between us, a master weaver and a local carpenter in our design workshop in Accra, Ghana. Both carpenter and master weaver have been submerged within the craftmanship sector since childhood and learned their respective skillset by their fathers and community members. 


The intricately crafted home décor item will be the topic of discussion at any dinner party and elevate the décor aesthetic of just about any room.  Highlights as a centerpiece or feature on your original brick fireplace as a real focal point. 


Ofuntu wood - a soft, sustainable, heirloom wood that has been harvested responsibly from well-managed forests that are continuously replenished and ensure that there is no damage to the surrounding environment, or to native flora.

Elephant grass - a finely-split, sustainably sourced, durable fiber harvested from living sources that can be regenerated at the same rate as they are used.

Cowry Shells


      Elephant grass - organic material with authentic reed colour variations.
      Cowry shells.




      Your Woven Worldwide item will maintain its handcrafted qualities if it is not directly exposed to damp or wet environments and is stored inside its cloth case when not in use. Repeated contact with water will cause the appearance of the woven product (whether it is in its authentic reed or pigmented) to experience discolouration. Prolonged pressure from heavy objects will cause the shape of the product to be distorted. It is best to limit the exposure of such elements to preserve the authentic look and feel of your product.

      When using cosmetics, perfumes or any alcohol-based solutions such as hand sanitizers, please take time to be sure that they are dry on your skin before engaging with Woven Worldwide products.

      There are sometimes tone variations in the colour of the reed and this is a natural feature due to when the grass was harvested and its maturity that should not be considered imperfections.

      For any further questions, we invite you to send us an email, where our team will be delighted to assist you with your questions.


      Origin, Sustainability, Shipping & Returns


      We work with farmers, Artisans, and retailers to develop a value chain in which human rights are respected, contributing to the United Nations Objectives of Sustainable Development. Please read how we engage with the SDGs.

      Made in Ghana.

      Sustainability & Environment

      We partner with farmers to harvest our renewable materials. By using fast-growing, renewable materials like elephant grass in this product, we avoid using fossil or finite materials.

      Our elephant grass is harvested from living sources that can be regenerated at the same rate at which they are used for production.


      Please read our Shipping Policy.

      Exchanges & Returns

      Please read our Exchange & Return Policy

      • How We Work

        78% of our Artisan partnerships are with women who are often caregivers of small children. Slow fashion allows for a more flexible, small-batch model for the makers and honours craftsmanship at the core. Not placing pressure on our Partners offers the freedom of choice. The freedom for grandmothers, mothers, aunts & friends to create their own paycheque each week. Artisans weave communally and decide how many orders they can craft for Woven Worldwide and how often per week.

      • Visual Content

        With Artisan permission, we will be providing more behind-the-scenes content so you can be connected to our production where you will hear rich laughter, stories, music & reeds knocking. When you engage with our product, you interact with 5-14 days of an Artisan's life wrapped in product form.

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