Training Programs


With financial support from Scale Up Africa, we have expanded our value chain to include up to 70 skilled and eager women that will eventually qualify to be future trainers and attain dignified leadership opportunities.
Woven's exposure to global retail environments and high production standards ensures artisan training workshops match the export market’s demand for quality. Our workshops also have interactive processes that promote a hybrid of weaving quality control, self-identity, and global aesthetics. 
Our training standardizes production in an informal market, and provides artisan leaders with tools, resources and innovative ways to preserve and improve heritage techniques. 

Community & Craft

Basket weaving is supplemental income within the Frafra ethnic community and over time, this beautiful eco-luxury tradition of hand-crafted skill has been passed forward through generations and is practiced by men and women alike.
Weaving is done in a communal manner and groups are often families and extended family members of various age groups. Unbeknownst to most, there are two methods of weaving; single weave and double weave. It is common that men are single weavers and women are double weavers. This is due to the ability to successfully manage the weight of a single woven basket, while its being weaved, however; women have proven to be equally trainable and skilled in doing single weaving. It is simply a matter of correct upper body posture and wrist manipulation.

Value Chain

Most weavers do not have a traditional storefront as one may expect and produce products from their residence. When driving past these angular, eco-friendly homes, you will often see beautiful products being weaved by doorways, and most weavers will engage and sell baskets to you directly from their homes. Proceeds from these sales will be reinvested back into the micro-business to purchase straw/dyes. During the selling process, Weavers will often low-bid prices of the basket in hopes that the buyer will top-up the price out of the goodness of their heart. 
During the training, we combined Google’s #IamRemarkable training with English speaking trainees and this exercise provoked these young women to re-think the fashion ecosystem and their placement in it. 
This exercise was harder than expected for some of the women as they were not socialized to value themselves or their contributions in such ways. This practice helped them tap into the unspoken and enhance self-confidence and agency, the will to do more for themselves. They all learned that expressing their value is not sac-religious or shameful, and they can proudly declare attributes.
These women are on a path out of poverty and we are keen to bring beneficiaries new opportunities to connect with markets, both local and digital.
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