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We are delighted to work with stylists on commercial projects. Interior Designers, you can focus on the creative specs and design covet-worthy spaces for your clients by investing in authentic, handcrafted, value-driven pieces - perfect for a new build or recent renovation.

We breathe life into your conceptual ideas by handcrafting unique pieces for your clients. When a client engages with our products, they touch and interact 5-14 days of an Artisans life; wrapped in functional, product form.

From handcrafted heirloom sculptures to unique storage baskets made by intergenerational artisans, every product has a storyWe are always happy & willing to offer a trade discount to genuine industry personnel.

If this sounds like you, please fill out a Trade Application below. We review Trade applications once a week and will be in touch if your application is the right fit.

  • Influencers

    We are so pleased that you’re interested in working together and supporting our niche brand. As a small business, we prefer to partner with influencers, bloggers and brand collaborations that share our values of Craftmanship, Community Driven, Sustainability.

  • Artisan Case Studies

    If you are a university student/faculty or not-for-profit organisation, seeking more information about the wonderous weaving community that we partner with in Ghana, please complete with the dialogue form below with a detailed message.

  • Press

    We are so pleased that you are interested in featuring our small business. Please complete the dialogue box below.

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Our participation is heavily reliant on our production schedule and story angle. Please share the details of your idea below, or email

We look forward to hearing from you!