Connect with us for flexible MOQ's and to find out more. Our team works closely with Artisans to provide a unique Product Development service. This is done in an effort to unite the global fashion industry; much like weaving threads into a unique tapestry.
We develop and execute premium quality and one of a kind products for retail stores and interior spaces. 


Tier 1. In-store Inventory.

Shop our in-house, hand crafted inventory. We keep a micro-batch of stock at a time. This is done to ensure materials like elephant grass are used efficiently and to avoid high levels of overstock.

Tier 2. Made To Order.

We create products from specs to give retailers the opportunity to create their assortment in accordance to merchandise plans. This exclusive service has a Minimum Order Quantity of 50 units per style and colour. Please note, this Tier does not apply to our non ™ items. Find out more about the various packages within this Tier.