Homespun Cloth Care Guide

Homespun Cloth Care

With the finest materials, intricate weaves and print varieties, WOVEN textiles are crafted in accordance to our highest quality standards. These luxurious and delicate textiles require special handling and attention to ensure these attributes remain intact over time. We take pride in our Heritage products.

In order to not provoke unwanted damage or premature wear, it is best to keep homespun cloths away from elements such as water, oil, perfume, any alcohol-based solution such as hand sanitizers, direct heat and light or humidity. Prolonged exposure to such elements may provoke unwanted damage, fading or premature wear.

When blemished, please contact a specialty dry cleaner. If the blemish is superficial, wipe immediately with a soft cloth to avoid saturation. When using cosmetics, perfumes or any alcohol-based solutions such as hand sanitizers, please take the time to be sure that they are dry on your skin before engaging with Woven products.

Textiles are susceptible to the appearance of pulls caused by sharp objects such as fingernails, jewelry, zippers, etc., and should be avoided. Specialty dry cleaning is recommended for cleaning. Any home remedies or machine washing can severely damage the textile.