Founder Story


Hi there, I’m Viola. Thanks for stopping by the platform.
During the week, you can find me on the field with Artisans, or working from home with my current obsessions; coconut milk ice cream and a diffuser with lemongrass essential oil on full blast.
Woven was born on a personal journey to Ghana. I witnessed my reunification to elements of Ghana's time-honored traditions like Shea, textile, and basketry production at the diligent hands of skilled female Artisans. While submerged in these environments, and despite language barriers and unfamiliar grounds, I felt centered and at home. I knew then I was called to partner with women to grow their micro-businesses.
As I spent more time with these women, I also found myself being stitched together in areas I didn’t know needed mending; areas like self-identity and purpose. Looking back, I guess you can say we weaved symbolic exchanges of knowledge and cultural practices and this inspired me to create Woven.
Although our assortment of products are woven by hand, the company name speaks to a blend of skillset I have acquired throughout my personal and professional experience and a higher purpose of coming together as Humanity.