Nma master weaver in Ghana

NMA - [N]+[MAH]


Nma is a third generation weaver from the Bongo District. She is a delight to partner with because she is packed with personality and always weaves products with skill and accuracy.

There are 2 methods of weaving; Single and double. Nma is able to do both but prefers single weave due to the fast turnaround time.

As our company grows, we hope to place Nma and many other talented, mature weavers, in our local management training team.

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DNA Weave


Each Artisan possesses his/her own unique weaving style. Whether he or she is weaving using a single or double weaving method, no two artisans have an identical weave pattern.

Elephant grass used to make Woven worldwide african baskets

Eco-Credential Materials


We are committed to developing our production in the most agro-friendly ways possible. We partner with farmers that harvest elephant grass from living sources that can be regenerated at the same rate as they are used.