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Colourful Storage Pot Baskets

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Exclusive to Woven Worldwide, the slow-crafted Pot Storage Basket features Autumn hues, durably constructed for seamless use and space-saving storage. Our woven pot baskets are constructed using a single-weave technique with ballooned proportions.


This basket can also be used for more practical purposes to reign in clutter or offer a storage solution for items you want to keep organized but still in reach, such as books in your living room, towels in the bathroom, small accessories in a bedroom or closet and more.

Woven Pot Baskets are a great alternative to mass-produced, machine-made woven baskets. It's both a work of art and a practical storage solution for blankets, toys, and other items.


Shop inspired looks thoughtfully selected for permanence curated for you in the entrance hallway and The Living Room


Each handwoven item is carefully crafted using elephant grass; a robust, renewable, tropical grass that grows in bamboo-like clusters; which is cultivated, harvested, and sun-dried in Ghana without the need for pesticides or fertilizers for cultivation.


Before the straw reaches the artisan, it goes through a matriarch grass farmer and grass sorter. Each woven basket in this set was handcrafted over the course of four to five days.

Before reaching the final weaver, our process passes through the hands of a matriarch grass farmer and grass sorter. 

Each woven basket in the set was handcrafted over the course of four-five days.


Medium : 14 W x 17 H


We want to make sure Woven Worldwide is a good fit for the companies we work with and that our woven storage baskets are well-represented. Any certified shops interested in unique or bespoke, handcrafted baskets are invited to contact us , or they may purchase our baskets through our Faire wholesale website.

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