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Rustic Woven Planter Basket Set

Rustic Woven Planter Basket Set

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Woven entirely by hand, this basket set features a rustic texture that is incredibly durable for outdoor plants and adds a rustic touch to balconies when filled with various flowers and greenery. 

Each basket set is made by a woman weaver in Bolgatanga, Ghana, who has learned this beautiful skill set from her mother/ and other matriarchal figures in the community, during her childhood.   Ancestral weaving skills have been passed forward from generation to generation.

Handwoven from a sustainably sourced, durable fiber, the basket sets take just about 4 days to complete when Artisans work in groups. 

Sold as Set of 4.

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      We partner responsibily

      We craft and design your baskets in partnership with intergenerational artisans in Ghana. We believe in durable items that will last for years- not only physically but aesthetically.

      • Unique Qualities

        Due to the nature of handcrafted assembly, each product is crafted with a slight variance in dimension. Grass colour may not be identical throughout product due to the nature of hand craftsmanship when the grass was harvested. Imperfections in elephant grass are a part of their nature and should be celebrated.

      • Worldwide Shipping

        We offer traceable, worldwide express shipping on all products. Delivery time will be communicated when we receive acknowledgment of your order.

      • Pre-order

        A pre-order is an paid order before production begins and usually occurs for new product releases or when items are sold out. All products are crafted within 5-14 days with you in mind. This helps to ensure that inventory corresponds to the market demand & does not contribute to wasted raw materials.

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