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Cowrie Shell Laundry Basket

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Our traditional woven laundry basket, elevated with polished cowrie shells is handcrafted in small batches, using a single weave method that celebrates the authentic reed, reflective of the beauty of nature. After production, we allow an additional day, under the beautiful African sun to saturate the woven reeds prior to packaging and distribution.


This African-inspired woven basket makes a great storage option whether you place it in the bedroom, walk-in closet, or laundry room.


Medium: 12 W x 13 H "
Large: 16 W x 18 H "
Extra Large: 15 W x 20 H "


Each handwoven item is carefully crafted using elephant grass; a robust, renewable, tropical grass that grows in bamboo-like clusters; which is cultivated, harvested, and sun-dried in Ghana without the need for pesticides or fertilizers for cultivation.
-Cowry Shells


We want to make sure that Woven Worldwide is a good fit for the companies we work with and that our woven baskets are represented well. If you would like more information on how to partner, please contact us with information about your shop.


Each cowrie shell is carefully woven in a circular direction within the elephant grass. The woven basket's base has a counter-clockwise bordered weave that gives rigidity and ensures long-lasting quality.

Handcrafted using elephant grass, a sustainably sourced, durable fiber, this woven basket takes roughly 4 days to complete. 

value chain

This handcrafted woven basket was produced in our design workshop in Accra, Ghana, who has learned handweaving skillset from matriarchs in the community. Ancestral weaving skills have been passed forward from generation to generation.


Your Woven Worldwide item will maintain its handcrafted qualities if it is not directly exposed to damp or wet environments and is stored inside its cloth case when not in use. Repeated contact with water will cause the appearance of the reed in woven product (whether it is in its authentic reed or pigmented) to experience discolouration. Prolonged pressure from heavy objects will cause the shape of the product to be distorted. It is best to limit the exposure of such elements to preserve the authentic look and feel of your product.

When using cosmetics, perfumes or any alcohol-based solutions such as hand sanitizers, please take time to be sure that they are dry on your skin before engaging with Woven Worldwide products.

There are sometimes tone variations in the colour of the reed and this is a natural feature due to when the grass was harvested. The basket's new home will most likely be in a climate other than the one in which it was made. The reed's tri-tone nature may appear in tones ranging from pale green to mustard to raw honey, which may age as it oxidizes in it's new home. This is also determined by the date the grass was harvested. This is a normal maturation process for straw; it is not a flaw or blemish. 

For any further questions, we invite you to send us an email, where our team will be delighted to assist you with your questions.

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High-quality Craftsmanship

Our team and artisan partners were hand picked for their knowledge of materials, process, and love of design. We are always happy to share our knowledge and understanding of our craft, whether you are browsing our website or visiting one of our stockists.

Sustainable Design

Designed for everyday use with functional dignity and durability. We purposefully design our pieces to be timeless. We believe in long-lasting items that are both physically and aesthetically pleasing, and we design products that are as timeless as they are stylish.

Unique Materials

Because of the nature of elephant grass, each woven basket may have a slight variation in reed colour. This is determined by when the grass was harvested, woven, and how long it dried in the sun. The gradients of reeds range from pale green to beige to mustard yellow. This gradient is a natural feature that should be appreciated.


Our functional designs are backed by four generations of ancestral craftsmanship. We have direct relationships with these basket weaving families, with whom we partner with four days a week.

Cowrie Shell Storage Basket Collection

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Production Video Of Cowrie Shell Storage Baskets

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How We Work

Woven Worldwide releases product ranges throughout the year. Each product is designed and crafted with eternal durabillity and produced in small-batch quantities.

do you have a pre-order service?

Woven Worldwide releases product ranges throughout the year. Each product is designed and crafted with eternal durabillity and produced in small-batch quantities.

Can I purchase this woven basket in a store?

Yes, you can. Since this is our core product, each stockist we partner with carries our signature Cowrie Shell Baskets. Please take a look at the list of our stockist locations.  Sign up to our email newsletter in the footer to receive updates when our new stockist locations opens its doors in Vancouver, Canada !

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