Sculptural & Curved Woven Baskets

These wavy baskets expands beyond just the basic functionality of an object and instead focuses on the atmosphere a piece creates, its presence in the room and relationship with not just the other pieces of furniture, but the user.

High-Quality Craftsmanship

Our team and artisan partners were hand picked for their knowledge of materials, process, and love of design. We are always happy to share our understanding of our craft, whether you are browsing our website or visiting one of our stockists.


We only use natural materials to make your woven baskets: straw and water. All woven baskets are handcrafted from a robust, earthy grass to ensure high-quality, and our dyes are free of harmful or dangerous chemicals.


Our functional woven basket designs are backed by more than four generations of ancestral craftsmanship. We have direct relationships with these basket weaving families, with whom we partner with four days a week.

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Luxury home decor baskets retired from production

Only 550 units of each are produced each year at our design studio and distributed to our valued clients and wholesale channels around the world.

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Woven Wavy Bowl
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Shell Wavy Basket
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Cowrie Shell Storage Basket™
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Kind Words From Our Clients

  • "I love Woven Worldwide products."

    Andrew Asare

Slow-Batch Production

Democratic Luxury

The Titan-level artisan just doesnt craft baskets– they create environments. Using only water and the finest elephant grass, the unique twisted weaves joint allows the reed to swivel and wave and turn to any position during the crafting process.

Crafted by hand in tucked away towns filled with history and warmth.


Woven Worldwide was invited to participate in Crafts Biennal - Révélations. Held every two years in Paris, France, Révélations is the not-to-be-missed tradeshow that celebrates craftsmanship from around the world.

mother and child wavy sculpture

mother and child African woven wavy basket

Crafts Biennal Tradeshow


General Enquiries

Throughout the year, Woven Worldwide introduces new woven baskets. Each product is designed and crafted with eternal durability in mind, and is produced in small batches or via pre-order model.

How can I perserve my woven basket?

Use this text to answer questions in as much detail as possible for your customers.

will the grass look exactly like it does on your website?

Due to the natural characteristics of elephant grass, each woven basket may have a slight variation in reed colour. This is determined by when the grass was harvested, woven, and how long it dried in the sun. The natural reed gradient ranges from pale green to beige to mustard yellow. This gradient is a beautiful natural feature that should be admired.

can you tell me more about pre-orders?

We are doing what we can to balance production quantities with demand-oriented ordering to minimize unnecessary wasted raw material and unnecessary production. 

Wholesale -Weave With Us

Wholesale orders for this item can be ordered directly through our website by contacting us. We want to make sure that Woven Worldwide is a good fit for the companies we work with and that our products are represented well. If you would like more information, please contact us with information about your shop.

what are the minimums?

Use this text to answer questions in as much detail as possible for your customers.

Do you offer worldwide shipping?

Yes, we offer worldwide express shipping on all products. Please keep in mind that we deliver more than just products. We deliver history and culture wrapped in products and cultural capital.


We’re here to make an impact in your home and the world we live in. Join us and be rewarded. Become an official member Trade Program today.

Do you have a custom design service?

Choose from our core inventory crafted from minimal reed to colourful splashes of marigolds, indigos and violets or submit a spec of something you would like crafted for your client. We will work together through a discovery process to reveal your product design intent. We ensure that the result will encompass what resonates with your client.

How long does a custom project take? When can we start?

Typically, we work together for anywhere from 2-3 weeks, before production begins, depending on the scope and complexity of the project. We typically book projects 1-2 months in advance, so please keep that in mind when connecting with us.

Can the trade discount be combined with in store promotions?

Trade discounts are not valid with any other offer, on sale and promotional products, for prior purchases, eGift cards, shipping and processing charges, or for any products or services excluded by the Trade Terms & Conditions.

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