Our Values

Premium Craftsmanship

Premium craftsmanship is ancestral to each Artisan and we view hand craftsmanship as heirlooms; passed forward through generations. For hundreds of years, this beautiful skill set has contributed to Ghana’s cultural and sustainable luxury segment.


Organize your home with our sustainable selection of storage baskets and feel secure that Woven Worldwide is committed to developing our products in the most agro-friendly ways possible. We partner with farmers that harvest elephant grass from living sources that can be regenerated at the same rate as they are used.

Community Driven

We believe social and economic empowerment is good for everyone with our humanist approach. We believe both genders are created equal and serve equitably in the home and both play a vital role in the development of communities. We partner with Artisans 3 -4 days per week because we understand that both parents are important in the development of the home when possible. Parents can focus on nurturing the home and communities, which is the first point of creating sustainable communities.