I have an object with me and I would like it to be created into a woven product. Is this possible ?

Sure, let's see! If you would like Woven Worldwide to weave an object in your possession from elephant grass, this falls within our Tier 3 offering. Depending on the object, a mailing address will be provided to you. If the product cannot be shipped to us, we will work together regarding dimensions and final details. If we cannot replicate your object, we are happy to help you find a company that can. It’s not about the transaction for us, it’s about the impact to the artisans and assisting you, the client.

Can I cancel or modify my order after paying ?

Pre-orders that have not shipped can be cancelled within 24 hours of making the initial order by sending us an email.

Custom Made To Order purchases are considered final sale and cannot be returned.

What is a pre-order?

A pre-order means an order is pre-paid before production begins. Certain products that are not immediately available to purchase may still be displayed on Woven Worldwide.com. This helps ensure that production corresponds to demand and does not contribute to wasted raw materials. Delivery times will be communicated to you when you receive acknowledgment for your order.  Please note that your card will be charged fully when a pre-order is placed. Please also read the return conditions prior to purchase.


We are so pleased that you’re interested in working together and supporting our niche brand. As a small business, we prefer to partner with influencers, bloggers and brand collaborations with people that share our values of Craftmanship, Community Driven, Sustainability.

If you think we’re a match, please send an email with your proposal and any rates to info@wovenworldwide.com to be reviewed for 2022. We look forward to hearing from you!

I received an incorrect/faulty product. What do I do?

If you believe you have received a faulty or incorrect product, please contact us directly at sales@wovenworldwide.com with your order number and photographs of the product. Following our assessment, we will advise on how to proceed. Please do not send anything back to us before our confirmation.

What after-care instructions do you suggest for woven materials?

All product is crafted with carefully selected materials and should be handled with care for longer product life. the products shipped in 100% cotton dust bags and we suggest product/s be stored in these bags when not in use in a cool, dry environment. Avoid excessive contact with water, oils and detergents.

As a result of the weaving process, (straw is dampened prior to and during the weaving process) a slight transfer of colour can occur from one dyed area to the next. Such imperfections are akin to the nature of handcrafted products and are not a defect. It is not unusual for dyed fibres to fade over time, so we recommend avoiding prolonged exposure to sunlight.

Will the colour of the products I receive look exactly like the photos on your website?

Please note that while we have tried to accurately display the colours of products, the actual colours you see will depend on your monitor and may not be accurate.