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  • Pre-order

    A Pre-order is an order before production begins. Sculptures are crafted 5- 14 days with you in mind. This helps to ensure that inventory corresponds to the market demand & does not contribute to wasted raw materials,

  • Handcraft Nature

    Due to the handcrafted assembly, each sculpture is created with a slight variance in dimension. Imperfections in elephant grass are a part of their nature and should be celebrated.

  • Shipping

    We offer worldwide express shipping on all woven Sculptures. Delivery time will be communicated when you receive acknowledgment of your order.

Trade Partner

We are delighted to work with stylists and Interior designers on commercial projects.

You can focus on the creative specs and design covet-worthy spaces for your clients by investing in authentic, handcrafted, value-driven pieces - perfect for a new build or recent renovation.

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